Take control of your staff communication

Reach your entire team. Eliminate endless group texts and email chains. Boost transparency. All for free.
Staff Communication. Solved.

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Why teams like yours love HuddleUp

Increase Team Accountability

Know when messages are read, by who and even request a confirmation. Never hear an excuse from your staff again.

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Organize Your Communication

Stop hunting for important information in text and email threads. Create Huddles for easy access to the things you and your team need to know: Shift Coverage, Training, Maintenance, Promotions, and other Announcements.

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Supercharge Team Productivity

Get your staff off your back for information you’ve already told them or they should already know. Better knowledge sharing, clearer expectations and more accessibility makes teams happier and more effective. Now just tell them to "Check HuddleUp".

Onboard your team

All HuddleUp Teams Benefit From:


Cell Number Login

Everyone has a phone, and that’s all you need to use HuddleUp. No emails, no user accounts or passwords to forget.


Works on Any Device

iPhone or Android, we’ve got you covered. And HuddleUp works on any computer via our web browser app.


Simple & Powerful

Easy invites via text message. Our robust permission system with roles puts you in control of your team.


Plays Nice with SMS

Everyone checks their texts, and HuddleUp messages fallback to text if they’re unread for a period of time.


Confirmations & Read Receipts

Attach confirmation buttons to messages to make sure staff has acknowledged what you've sent. Know who has & hasn't seen your message.


Files & Attachments

HuddleUp is a safe place for you to store and share important files. Your team gets the information they need, when they need it.